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Thanks to @TannyMcG for hosting tonight’s #engchat!  Dig into the archive to learn more about creativity in the classroom.   Link to archive.

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Thanks to @csloan for hosting tonight’s #engchat!  October is Connected Educator Month so this week’s chat focused on our connected students.   Link to archive.

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Thanks to @MiaZamoraPhD  for hosting tonight’s chat which focused on the maker movement and its relationship wth writing and writing pedagogy.   Link to archive.

Archive for 9/21/14

Thanks to the wonderful Chris Lehman for hosting tonight!  During the back to school season it’s always important reflect on the school-parent relationship and Chris helped us do just that. Check out the archive for lots of ways to engage families in schools.   Link to archive.

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Thank you to @danamhuff for hosting tonight’s chat, which focused on digital stories.  Be sure to check out the archive!   Link to archive.

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Welcome back!  We are back in school and back to #engchat.  Tonight’s chat, hosted by @reneehobbs, focused on Bringing Students’ Digital Lives Into Classroom.  It’s full of great ideas and great conversation! Link to archive.

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Tonight’s chat, hosted by @evelynalauer,  was wonderful as usual! With a focus on creative writing, the night was full of great ideas for wrapping up this year and beginning the next school year.   Link to archive.

Guest Post from @anterobot and @Nicole_Mirra

Guest Post from @anterobot and @Nicole_Mirra
The skills supported in today’s ELA classrooms are the skills that will mediate and foment the social and cultural revolutions of the future. The link between literacy and civic engagement for kids today is clearer than ever: tools like Twitter and Facebook are often leveraged for sweeping displays of civic action and protest. What is ...

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Special thanks to Kristen Ziemke for hosting tonight’s chat!  Check out the archive for some great ideas for amplifying student voices!   Link to archive.