Archive for 4/21/14

Thank you to Sarah Brown Wessling (@SarahWessling) leading tonight’s chat!  With a focus on maintaining creativity in a standards environment the chat is full of great ideas!   Link to archive.

Archive for 4/15/15

Thank you to @feministteacher for hosting!  Tonight’s topic was global collaborations in the literature classroom. Be sure to check out the archive! Link to archive.

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Tonight’s chat focused on energy: how are you gearing up for the last few weeks of the school year?  Whether you are mere weeks away from the end of the year or you are are  yet to enjoy spring break, there are great ideas packed into tonight’s chat!   Link to archive.

Archive for 3/31/14

Woohoo!  Tonight was our monthly #engsschat and our host was the wonderfully talented and fabulous author Laurie Halse Anderson.  Check out the  archive below for a treat!   Link to archive.

Archive for 3/24/14

Pour yourself some tea or coffee and settle in for a fabulous read!  Tonight’s chat, hosted by Penny Kittle and Kelly Gallagher, clocks in at almost 50 pages!  The focus, “How We Write: Learning From the Process of Writing”, inspired a lot of conversation!   Link to archive.

Archive for 3/17/14

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We will soon be celebrating Poetry Month and in honor of that tonight’s chat is all about poetry in the classroom.  Hosted by @teacherman82 and @lesleymosher, tonight’s chat is full of resources so be sure to check it out!   Link to archive.

Archive for 3/11/14

Tonight’s chat was very special for the #engchat community!  Penny Kittle, our host for the night, chatted with our very own Meenoo Rami.  Meenoo’s book, Thrive, will be out later this month!   Link to archive.

Archive for 3/4/14

Digital texts- how do you use them?  Tonight’s chat, led by @sarakajder, is all about digital texts in the classroom.  Check out the archives for some amazing ideas and great conversation!   Link to archive.

Archive for 2/24/14

Tonight we held our monthly #engsschat, where educators from #engchat and #sschat come together.  The topic was “How to Utilize 21st Century Pedagogy in the Classroom” and it was hosted by @PaulSolarz, a fifth-grade teacher from Illinois.   Link to archive.

Archive for 2/17/14

Do not miss tonight’s archive!  Tonight’s #engchat was hosted by the indomitable Andrew Smith (@marburyjack), author extraordinaire.  Full of words of wisdom and real-life writing advice, it’s not to be missed.   Link to archive here.