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Thank you to Aileen Hower (@aileenhower) for hosting tonight’s chat!  Be sure to check out the archive for strategies and ideas for working with ELLs.   Link to archive.

Guest Post from Aileen Hower

Strategies and techniques to support reading and writing skills with English Learners   As our classrooms grow more diverse, teachers need to have great conversations about “what works” in their classroom (including digital tools) to engage, honor, and support ELs’ diversity and English literacy skills. This video speaks of the importance of this work, and helping English ...

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Thank you to Kristen H. Turner  (@teachKHT) and Troy Hicks (@hickstro) for hosting tonight’s chat!  Check out the archive for lots of great info about connected reading!   Link to archive.

Guest Post from Kristen Turner and Troy Hicks

Guest Post from Kristen Turner and Troy Hicks
Recently, a friend of Kristen’s on Facebook posted a GIF that showed the evolution of a desk.  In 1980 the desk was covered with items: books, newspapers, magazines; a fax, phone, stapler and tape dispenser; a rolodex, clock, globe, calendar, and bulletin board; and a computer and phone.  One by one the items on the ...

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Thank you to @shawnacoppola for kicking off a great year of #engchat! Tonight we focused on being subversive and rocking the boat a little. You can view the Storify archive embedded below or by clicking this link. [View the story “#engchat archive 9/14/15″ on Storify]

First #engchat of the school year!

Our first #engchat of the school year will be held next Monday, September 14th, at 7pm.  It will be hosted by Shawna Coppola (@shawnacoppola). The remainder of the schedule is being tweaked and will be published in the next few days.    Hello #engchat friends!   As educators, we tend to be natural rule-followers. We ...

#engchat 2015-2016 Announcements and Call to Host!

Over the next few weeks teachers will make their way back to their classrooms and students, setting aside their summer work, reading, and PD to pick up their lesson plans, reading, and assessments.  Every year brings new and exciting changes in our classrooms and this year the same will be true of #engchat.  The amazing ...

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Thanks for joining us for the final #engchat of the year!  Be sure to check out the archive for some news about next year!   Link to archive.

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Thanks to @arielsacks for hosting tonight’s chat which focused on letting our student’s explore in the English classroom.   Archive link.

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Thanks to  @TchrAnnie and @jhblock for hosting tonight’s #engchat! Why does art matter? How can integrating the arts expand learning exp for students?     Link to archive.