Archive for May 23, 2015

Thank you to Jennifer Shettel for hosting tonight’s #appyhour chat!  Peruse the archive for lots of great ideas for using apps in English class! Archive link here.

Archive for 3/28/16

Thank you to Rebekah O’Dell (@RebekahODell1) and Allison Marchetti (@AllisonMarchett) for hosting tonight!   Archive link.

Guest Post from Rebekah O’Dell and Allison Marchetti

Analytical writing  is all around us — in political commentary, in TV/film criticism, in sports writing — and yet the only kind of analytical writing we teach in school is literary analysis. We all know how limiting and unsuccessful this can be. We believe there can be a better way — a way that builds ...

Archive for 3/21/16

Thank you to the incredible Kate Roberts (@teachkate) and Maggie Roberts (@maggiebroberts) for hosting tonight’s chat!  Need ideas for helping students be engaged and remember what they learn?  Check out the archive!     Archive link.

Archive for 2/8/16

Tonight Chris Lehman (@ichrislehman) was our awesome guest host and #engchat was packed full of inspiring teachers and ideas.  Be sure to check out the archive to learn more about Writing with Sources!     Link to archive.

Archive for 1/11/16

In tonight’s #engchat @pennykittle asked us to focus on “Leading Readers & Writers to Independence & Confidence…Where are we? What adjustments will we make for semester 2?” From 7pm-8pm, Penny Kittle led us in an hour of reflection as we looked back on the first semester and forward to the second.  Thank you to Penny for joining us! ...

Archive for 12/7/15

Thanks to Sarah Krajewski for hosting last night’s awesome chat focused on discussion in the English classroom! Link to archive.

Guest post from Sarah Krajewski

Sarah Krajewski (@SHKrajewski) will host #engchat on December 7th.  Below is a guest post introducing the topic of the night’s chat:     When I first started teaching, I was given classroom management “tips” by the senior teachers in my department. They suggested that I keep any group work small and manageable, and to stay ...

Archive for 11/9/15

Thank you to Aileen Hower (@aileenhower) for hosting tonight’s chat!  Be sure to check out the archive for strategies and ideas for working with ELLs.   Link to archive.

Guest Post from Aileen Hower

Strategies and techniques to support reading and writing skills with English Learners   As our classrooms grow more diverse, teachers need to have great conversations about “what works” in their classroom (including digital tools) to engage, honor, and support ELs’ diversity and English literacy skills. This video speaks of the importance of this work, and helping English ...
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