Which Is the Best Social Network

The low barrier to entry when joining social media sites makes them very alluring to small business owners looking for low-cost effective advertising. The reality of content strategy and social media management rarely occurs to an entrepreneur as they spend an evening clicking through signup pages on half a dozen web 2.0 sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Flickr. Once signed up for these services, they end up providing little more than profile backlinks for the business. While backlinks are great for SEO, being overwhelmed by social media is not.

Our advice to starry-eyed web business owners is that yes, you should engage in social media, but you should only invest your resources in the networks that you’re certain your customers are using.

Let’s first agree that the relevant social media networks to businesses are:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. YouTube
  5. and Blogs (Blogger & WordPress) To determine which is the most relevant network, search the above networks for your niche keywords, ask your customers what they use, and engage in some common sense. For us, I know that Twitter is the most active, YouTube has had the greatest return on investment, and LinkedIn has resulted in affiliate partnerships.Mary Harrington Project Coordinator EtherCycle Web Design Chicago
Using Social Network Websites For Business

Social network websites can be very profitable but before you can profit with them you need to understand exactly what they are and how they can help you. Social network sites are websites where people that share the same interests can connect. I’m sure you would have heard of some of the more popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

With social networking websites people from all over the world can chat, message and connect with one another. The can leave messages, comment on one another’s pages, share photos and more. These websites make communication so much easier even if you are communicating with someone on the opposite side of the world. Many people use social networking websites to communicate socially with their friends and family, but there are other benefits to these sites. There are social network websites for many different niches including, business networking, media and news, dating, investing, music, art and many more. .

People of different cultures and with different interests can connect with similar people worldwide. People can make new friends, meet new people and even develop new interests by learning from others that they meet. Businesses can use social networking sites to connect with customers as business owners meet people with interests that relate to their business.

A niche social network site like Revelry is designed to connect people who knit and another social site is Deviant Art that connects people who love art. There are many different social networking sites created specifically to connect people that share those similar interests and goals and those people can share ideas, share their creations and just get to know one another. Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace offer many ways to communicate such as sharing photos, music, videos and even creating groups within the site to share media and communicate.

Most social networking sites are worldwide websites so someone in Australia can connect with someone in England. Anyone in any part of the world can communicate with one another via these websites. The opportunity to meet new people that share the same interests as you and make many new friends is amazing. Social network sites are also a great way to track down people from the past that you have lost contact with. There are sites that are created specifically to find old classmates and friends from extracurricular activities.

The name says it all with social network websites because they are exactly that – sites that encourage networking socially. However, many business men and women also use these sites for business networking as they are a fantastic means for connecting with potential customers. If a person runs a business that relates to art then they may join the social networking site ‘Deviant Art’ to connect with people that love art. There are many niche social network sites that can enable business people within those niches to connect with their customers.

Some of these social networking sites have been around for quite a while and other new sites are being created all the time. If you search for social networking sites you will find them in all sorts of niches like sites for doctors, articles, book lovers, scientist, dog breeders and anyone that is interested in sharing information, videos or anything else with like minded people. The business possibilities with social networking websites are huge if you do your research and find the right social network site for your business.

Clair Bennet has been writing articles for several years and is a freelance contributor for Home Loan Refinancing and Mortgage Loan Information.

Effect of Social media

Entertainment,Business,Business News With the emergence of online platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, it is evident that social media is thriving. With the growing social media, comes more power to those who are able to successfully utilize these platforms. Social media allows someone to communicate with other people online about almost anything. Users can post anything from their political opinions to recipes. By posting about their passions, they are able to reach an audience and subsequently influence that audience based on what they post. Companies have identified this opportunity to influence and are taking advantage of it. Brands now often have their own social media pages, often times with public relations specialists in charge of them. In the fashion industry, social media is an exceptionally useful marketing tool. These platforms allow companies to reach their target audience in a cost-effective manner.

Also, designers can market their clothing lines and products in an effort to influence consumers to buy from their brand. In addition, the rise of bloggers play a big role in the industry. Bloggers can be anyone from an everyday person to a popular social media personnel. Both are essential in shaping how social media has changed the outreach to consumers. Fashion bloggers often publish their feedback on products in the form of videos, pictures, and tweets. This does two main things. First, it allows prospective buyers additional information and opinions on the product that will be used when deciding whether to make the purchase or not. Second, it creates more accessibility and a better connection between brands and the general public. Social media, when used correctly, has the power to influence consumers and strengthen the fashion industry. source: daily tribune More blogs at www.bacciinc.com

Interests in Marketing

Advice,Marketing I was doing some research for my marketing class and I interviewed Mr. Sean Stevens, who is the director of field marketing of the company Nothing Bunt Cakes. His role is to be the day to day face and voice between the company and the franchises. He builds marketing plans and helps carry them out, and maintains their social media presence. He has been working with nothing bunt cakes for two months. His previous job was the director of field marketing with Wingstop. He said that the biggest difference is the experience of the franchises that he works with. At Wingstop the franchises that he worked with were fairly experienced and usually owned several stores. With Nothing Bunt Cakes his franchises are not very experienced. They only own two or three store fronts. He spends more time teaching the new franchises than he did at his other job. He did say that the field marketing parts of the job were very similar. Stevens earned a marketing degree at Stetson University. After he graduated he spent five to six years in sales. He then got an entry level marketing job and has stayed in marketing since.

The most difficult part of his current job is Nothing Bunt Cakes processes. When problems arise he spend a lot of time creating new programs that have should have already been put in motion. He pointed out that Nothing Bunt Cakes is a fairly new company (20 years) and is growing quickly. Stevens enjoys getting to be the voice of the consumer. He understands the business side of the company but he gets to be the voice of the customer. Being that I will be graduating in a year and start looking for a job he gave the advice to build relationships. Networking is so important, not just knowing people but having a relationship with them. He also gave the advice to learn how to market yourself.

Right out of college it will be the first thing that you need to market to get a job. He also said to make your values clear and known. Going into a job interview they know that they can teach you certain skills but they can’t teach you new values. A learned a lot from Mr. Stevens about the marketing field and how to get jobs in the future. Resources : Stevens, S. (2018, June 20). Phone interview. Perreault, W. D., Cannon, J. P., & McCarthy, E. J. (2014). Basic marketing: A marketing strategy planning approach. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Sharing Online Content is Another Way to Communicate Your Expertise

The internet presents an array of methods for professionals to express opinions and showcase expertise – blogging, articles, Tweets, Google+ posts, and many more. Publishing your own online content is a great way to get yourself notice while improving your website’s SEO. But your online communications and social media strategist should also recommend the benefits of sharing other people’s content:Increase your role as a reliable resource: Readers may already turn to your original content for valuable information. But if they are comfortable trusting your suggestions about other useful content, you’ve enhanced your position as a dependable source. Remember, no one can find and absorb all the relevant online content information on their own – so add “recommendations” to your content offering.Use sharing to build a strong network: When you recommend some else’s content, it’s likely the author will take note and look to reciprocate (who doesn’t like to be appreciated?!).

So, you’ll find that content you’ve authored reaches a wider audience, helping you develop your own network.Engage! That’s why we’re here: For the business community, the goal of social networking is not to collect the most connections and proclaim “I WIN!” Members of a social networking community look to others for interaction. If you fail to engage your connections will quickly disregard you. After all, it is a social gathering – so don’t bother showing up to the party if you’re going to ignore everyone else. Comment on other people’s posts, recommend news articles, ask questions – engage!Time for other efforts: Developing original content requires a serious time commitment. And while it takes time to consume media, the ratio isn’t even close.

So now and then, substitute penning a new blog post and instead spend time researching and sharing other experts’ content. You might even learn something!So, in the spirit of sharing, check out this infographic from AddThis that looks at the days and times when people usually share content. It’s interesting and valuable information to help make your brands more interactive.What are your thoughts and experiences regarding the benefits of original vs. shared content? We are looking forward to listening your opinions.

Social Media Principle 2 . Behaviours That Sway Purchase

Businesses must understand the people’s social agenda by looking at the social action behaviours that sway purchase.In the age of the shareholder, the agenda of businesses has been orientated around generating maximum profit and consequently, they have focused on engendering behaviour that is centred on the usage and/or consumption of their products and services. Revenue created from these actions will usually benefit the business, the share price and the shareholders.However, this agenda can fundamentally clash with the social agenda of real people, which centres’ on actions, behaviours and new and old technologies that allow them to share, connect, interact, learn, love, have fun and enjoy new experiences with each other.AFor businesses to operate effectively in this new age of communication, it’s fundamental for them to adopt an approach that hinges on understanding the social agenda of real people.

They must get amongst the people who use their products and/or services, not strictly to look at the purchasing behaviour, but to look at the social actions or the behaviours that may influence purchase. Inherent in this is a study of the new ways that people connect, socialize, interact and communicate with each other.Although businesses will never achieve 100% understanding (because, lets face it, humans are highly complex creatures, after all), those that succeed in such an approach will then be able to market with people, rather than at them. Ultimately, these businesses will be able to communicate their messages in ever more meaningful ways, and create more evocative experiences that connect with and enhance people’s lives and their social agendas.

AUnsurprisingly, Nike is a company that has fully embraced this ethos. Simon Pestridge, their UK marketing director said recently that, “advertising is about achieving awareness, and [they] no longer need awareness.” He believes that they “need to become a part of people’s lives,” and that they want to “inspire consumers to seek out their content” and “this is the model [they] will be following from now on.” They believe that they understand their customers much better than anyone else and continue to learn by doing things like “running ideas past a kid on a football pitch. If [we] don’t get laughed they’re probably on the right track.”A

How long does SEO take to deliver results?

You’ve started to optimize your site, and you’re probably wondering how long SEO takes to get a result; in this post, I’ll tell you the whole truth.


SEO needs consistency and work. It is a continuous process. The optimization of your site is permanent. And you must perform an analysis every so often. Re-optimize and thus keep you in the top positions of the search engine.


The time it will take to get results depends on many factors. Yes, we know this is not what you want to read, but this is how it is. To avoid anguish, you need to look at SEO as a long-term strategy. You must invest time and resources. 


You must also have a lot of patience. Also, you will need some effort to get the desired results. Keep in mind that it is a complex thing to appear in the first results in the search engine. Also, with all the businesses saving money by selling online, you need a more aggressive SEO strategy. 



There is no magic formula for organic SEO. There isn’t!  But, it does have its tricks and secrets. It turns out that everything is constantly changing!


And Google is no exception. Google updates its algorithms over time. So if you think you can magically and instantly get positive results, you might be wrong. 


There are many more factors that influence ranking.  So you need to create unique and quality content.  The content must interest your audience. 


Remember that you also need to add inbound links, internal links, audience engagement, and social media. It is how you will get search engines to take you into account.


Then you should optimize your web content for keywords to help you gain authority. It is the way to compete for more generic keywords with a higher search volume.


The use of specific and concise keywords will attract an audience more interested in your business. Forget generic keywords. Focus on what is distinctive and what is being searched for. The more specific your keywords are, the more chances you will have to attract the audience that interests you.  



It’s a Matter of Time


SEO strategies take from 3 to 12 months to yield results. In turn, the most noticeable effects will occur after six months. Now the full results will be seen after 12 months. 


However, these estimates vary. The actual time frame will depend on factors such as quantity, quality, and frequency of content. Also, on the overall quality of your website, of course.


Although SEO is a continuous work process, the results you get will stand up to any updates Google makes to its algorithm. And, in addition, you will get a steady and reliable source of traffic and sales.

Forget unrealistic expectations


You need to set smart and realistic goals. That’s why you need a San Diego SEO Expert! Professionals give you real and honest ideas of the work that needs to be done. It is time to run away from the extortionists who say your website will rank in three days! 

The Solavei

Solavei is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share, and capitalize on the power of social networks. Solavei’s mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to make money on the products and services they enjoy and use every day.Solavei’s initial product offering is affordable, no-contract, unlimited voice, text, and data services through the entire United States. It operates as an MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisors. “We’re going to make a big difference in people’s lives by shifting billions of dollars from traditional mass-media advertising into the greatest advertising vehicle today – people. Solavei is the first company to create an economic linkage between mobile service, social commerce, and social networking technology.

We give people the cabability to earn income by using and promoting the services they are already consuming on a daily basis.Solavei has a team of some of the best and brightest that the technology and telecommunications fields have to offer. They’ve made big things happen at their previous companies, and now they’re making even more happen at Solavei. They attracted leading people from AT&T, Walmart, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, and T-Mobile to our team. They partnered with high profile brands and earned the interest of investors from , News Corp., and various venture capital firms.SolaveiTM, a first-of-its kind social networking and commerce platform, launched its unlimited 4G nationwide voice, text and data mobile service with more than 25,000 new members at start, unlocking consumers’ earning potential through an affordable, contract-free service that pays people back for adding new clients. Solavei’s business model is shifting the huge amounts of dollars that the large wireless carriers spend in advertising to benefit the largest advertising vehicle today – people.The debut of Solavei’s flat $49 unlimited mobile phone plan addresses Americans’ struggle for affordable wireless service, as recently highlighted in the findings of a new survey1 conducted by market research firm Toluna. Results showed a majority of consumers (63 percent) had concerns about their mobile phone service, led by overall high cost and followed by hidden fees, plan changes, and charges for exceeding data limits.

Answering the demand for a simple and affordable mobile phone solution, Solavei created a comprehensive mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to give an unlimited service plan to its members at just $49 per month. Consumers have the versatility to use any compatible unlocked GSM mobile phone, or purchase a new HTC One S, HTC Wildfire or ZTE Origin from Solavei. In addition, consumers can now make money when they share the mobile phone service with their family and friends through Solavei’s social commerce community, which is integrated into the leading social networks.”Today’s connected consumers depend on their mobile phones but struggle with the cost of current mobile service offers in the market,” said Ryan Wuerch, founder and CEO of Solavei. “Solavei created a comprehensive social commerce platform with the tools and resources to leverage the power of relationships using existing social networks to make mobile service more affordable – and even profitable – for our members. In three weeks of Beta testing, we’ve enrolled more than 25,000 new members and demonstrated the breadth and scalability of our systems.”Solavei empowers consumers to earn a recurring monthly income for an action most Americans already take – suggesting favorite products or services to family and friends. In fact, nearly all consumers (93 percent) have referred a product or service. Consumers get the chance to earn by sharing their mobile service experience with others through Solavei’s integrated social networking platform.”Solavei has a unique approach to how it’s working with consumers, not treating them as a commodity, but as part of the team,” said Roger Entner, founder and lead analyst of Recon Analytics. “As an innovator in the social commerce market, Solavei has an appealing solution for consumers to earn recurring monthly income.”Starting today, consumers can go to Solavei and check coverage in their area, explore phone options and sign up for service. Through Solavei’s social commerce platform and mobile application, members can share the Solavei Mobile Service experience with others and generate profits. At its simplest, members can earn $20 per month for every three mobile-service members (called a “Trio”) they or someone directly connected to them signs up for mobile service.

When members enroll three Trios, the income generated is bigger than their monthly plan cost of $49, essentially making their mobile service free and profitable. Members are able to continue to increase their recurring monthly income as they use their social networks to sign up more people for Solavei Mobile Service, turning their mobile phones into income.Wuerch founded Solavei in recognition of two important shifts in consumer behavior: social networking and a desire to find new strategies of earning income. With regard to consumer lifestyles, Solavei is meeting consumers where they are in this challenging economy. This is validated in the Solavei/Toluna survey results:Need for Mobile Phones – Wireless phone access is so vital that you Americans that just 4 percent of consumers surveyed said they would cut their phone service when finances are tight, ranking it ahead of gas, savings and cable TV.Seeking Financial Stability – Most consumers would re-invest any money saved/earned from mobile phone service back into their finances with more than a third (37 percent) putting money towards other bills, 28 percent towards savings and 13 percent toward paying off debts.Consumers Want to Recruit – Solavei’s compensation plan appears to make sense (and cents) to those surveyed, as a majority (80 percent) would say “yes” or “maybe” to sharing a new wireless service with friends and family members if they would get free mobile phone service or earn additional income.If you’re looking to live the future now, check out Solavei and become a part of history today.

What are the two essential SEO elements?

In today’s marketplace, it can be a little challenging for businesses to stand out. Many elements need to be considered to beat the competition or at least be at their level.


One of the most effective ways to reach more potential customers is by search engine optimization. This is the most used digital marketing strategy to get the first Google’s page results position.


But first, to get to the first page, you need to have a website to optimize. A business without an online presence is nothing in today’s digital world. A website is the most effective way to promote your company and reach more people.

Do you know what SEO is?


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. You may have heard of it. It is all about the processes involved in the optimization of a website. So, SEO covers all that from creating optimized content, improving your site interface and its design.


The main goal of SEO is to get a website to the first result page of a search engine, so it gets more traffic and is more visible.


A Las Vegas SEO agency can help you reach this goal, so your website is easier to find, and your potential customers convert into actual sales.


And, how does search engine optimization work? There are many techniques that you can use to build a better ranking position. You must have a website with content that will attract users to it. When someone searches for a product or service in the search engines like Google or Bing, they visit your site and make informational use of the content on your pages.


It’s a good idea to learn more about optimizing your website for user satisfaction and conversion if you want to stay in the market. 


There are two essential SEO elements: the optimization made directly on the page, and the other is the optimization of all the elements that can help the website visibility. These elements are On-Page and Off-Page SEO.


If you focus your marketing offers on having a good Off-page and On-page SEO structure, you can make sure your site will reach top rankings quickly. Let’s look at these components and how they differentiate each other.

What is On-Page SEO?


On-page SEO is all about the content placed on your site, affecting search engine rankings. This refers to the content that you write and the keywords that you use in your web pages. 


There are many on-page SEO factors that search engines like Google consider when ranking a website. Some of them are: 


  • Title Keyword
  • Meta description
  • Heading and Body Keywords
  • Text Length
  • Outbound links
  • Internal Links
  • Keyword in URL
  • And many more that affect your website rankings 


The content examples can be SEO-friendly titles and abstracts, descriptive text for images, video descriptions, and other content like text links. In other words, this optimization is to make your site attractive for readers. You need to have optimized images, content, and videos to catch your visitor’s attention.


If you use keywords variations correctly in your pages will get more visibility with search engines. To have a good On-page SEO, you need expert help to find the keywords you need and measure how optimized your site is.

What is Off-Page SEO?


This does not occur on the website. Off-page SEO techniques are not known as On-page SEO, but they are crucial to any digital marketing strategy.


You need a website that I fully optimized for search engines. You will get high rankings when a search engine’s algorithm perceives your website as relevant with authoritative links.


“On-page” SEO and “off-page” SEO are both critical for search engines to index your site. 


Off-page SEO includes links from other pages on your site, backlinks from other sites (suppliers, bloggers, or users), and quality links from different domains. You can have several types of backlinks: organic paid and quality. Search engines like Google take these into account when they determine your webpage’s position.

Top SEO Tools to boost your site


There are many SEO tools in the market, some of them are free, and some are paid. They are very helpful in measuring how optimized a website is. Below are some common SEO tools used for marketing experts:


Google Search Console: Google search console is one of the most used search engine optimization tools if you are looking to monitor your site on Google. 


Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free tool that lets you track your website traffic and find out which keywords and social networks are the most popular. 


Google Ads Keyword Planners: This is a free tool provided by Google. This one is designed for paid search, but it can be a great tool since it allows for keywords search volume.


Google Trends: this is one of the most used tools for SEO. It shows which countries are looking for which keywords in Google. It’s beneficial to track which keywords an industry is focused on in search engine results.


SEO platforms: SEO is a main digital marketing strategy. Experts use many SEP platforms. Some are very popular, like Linkdex or Moz. You can track keyword rankings, identify on-page and off-page issues, and do other SEO tasks.


These are one of the most used platforms. They are easy to use and understand if you take the time to learn about them and how they work. But, if you don’t have much time to do so, you may prefer to have better and quicker results with the help of an SEO expert.

It can be a little challenging to do it by yourself when implementing an SEO strategy. 


We recommend you call a Las Vegas SEO Agency to start your digital marketing strategy and boost your website rankings.


Get a consultation from a Las Vegas SEO Agency and improve your website, to reach more users and get more traffic!


Improving Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn has emerged as one of the greatest professional networking sites. It has over 100 million users and still counting. You can find jobs and business opportunities on LinkedIn. It has made our professional lives much easier. You can make connections with millions of users across the globe. It helps you establish your business as a well-known brand.How does it work?LinkedIn also works as any other social networking site. To get started, you need is to sign up and create your profile. You can add links to your blogs and other relevant websites. You can include other social media accounts. Another added feature is, you can integrate your LinkedIn account with your existing email account. This will help you get connected with the people you already know.

Once you are done with creating profile, you can start making connections now. Search for similar interest groups or businesses in your industry niche. With LinkedIn you can connect with professionals rather than connecting with friends. Groups organize discussions. It will enable users to participate in the discussions and to make connections. In these discussions and forums, internet marketers also offer business opportunities and jobs. You can get many opportunities for businesses and employment.How is it beneficial?LinkedIn is a huge network of professionals and offers benefits for internet marketers and businesses, some of them are:If you are a start up, LinkedIn is the place where you can find likeminded people. You can make connections with similar details please visit