The Facebook Timeline Covers A Brief Introduction to The Newest Facebook Feature

The Timeline is one of the newest elements introduced by Facebook, and whether you have seen it coming or not, the Facebook Timeline Covers are now an integrated part of your profile. The new design that Facebook has come up with makes one think about a magazine – and not just any, but one that has you on the front page. Therefore, it is easy to recognize the purpose of the cover, and that is to put YOU in the spotlight. But it is, however, entirely up to you how you decide to stand out.For those of you familiar with the virtual environment, the Facebook Timeline Covers might seem (un)surprisingly similar to the header of a web-site. They serve the same purpose and bear the same marks of creativity. In other words, the more creative you are, the more attractive your cover will be, and thus, your profile will draw the attention of many online visitors.

The Facebook Timeline Covers offer the possibility of expressing your mood at a certain moment, or your overall character. After all, the fact that a picture speaks louder than a thousand words has been proven many times. The first and easiest way of customizing your cover is by setting a picture of you that already exists in your photo album, or by uploading one from your computer. Even if you are looking for a more sophisticated design, your way around it will not be rocket science, either. There are many websites out there that are dedicated to helping you find the right pattern for the process of cover customization.

For the ones who have a passion for photography, the Timeline cover is a reason of joy, as it will put your hobby in the spotlight, and implicitly, add some admirers to your friends list. As this cover is what visitors will first see when clicking your profile, it is recommended that you make it as representative as possible.However, beware. If you intend to use the cover as advertisement, Facebook reserves its right of closing your account at any time, without warning.Also, keep in mind that your Timeline Cover should not be less than 720 pixels wide, and they can be seen by anyone who accesses your profile, whether they belong to your friends list or not. Facebook Timeline Covers seem like a good addition, but it is up to you to make proper use of them.