Top 10 Very Funny Facebook Statuses to Complete Your Day!

One of the most stress reliever in today’s generation is through the use of networking sites. Well not to mention the “exploring” of your friends facebook status pages where you haven’t meet for several years now. But as what other cases brings to the most of us, facebook also caused our day bad luck and disappointment by reading unhealthy facebook statuses. Facebook status will really depends on what the user would write/post on it. We have all the freedom to write what we would like to share with people in the said networking site. For me, as one of the facebook user choose the words and the genre of facebook statuses before hitting the post button. As I go into the pages of my friends and other facebook user, I really amazed with what their status pages are. This really makes funny facebook statuses interesting to talk to. And I want to share this different facebook status I have encountered on my friends pages.Funny facebook statuses is somewhat a healthy food for our eyes if they are made to, some could really made us laugh and would complete our day.

Here are the top funny facebook statuses my friends commonly posted on their facebook status. ” I can’t sleep…(+ the emoticons)” many facebook users posts this kind of stuff ranging from 12:00 am – 5:00 am in the morning saying they can’t sleep yet keep on making comments every time people would hit like buttons or leave comments. Some posted (copy and paste) inspirational quotes. The quote might not be intended for you but still seems you are the one being directed to it by relating on the message and ending up in liking it or worst sharing it in your own Timeline of your friend’s timeline. One also wrote about their new year’s resolution like “I would use facebook at least an hour a day and save my internal organs” yet not a clock watcher and would hit hundreds of liker and shares. Some would post about how happy they are about their lives after a broken relationships showing amazing funny facebook statuses (yet deep inside still crying and curse their X’s).

Reading funny facebook status is kind of relaxing in a sense that you could hear many voices with true feelings. You could also discover hidden personalities which could only exposed when they are on facebook.Funny facebook statuses are of great help whenever you are feeling down. Some could help you realized how blessed you are by reading status updates from your friends saying about their past experiences. You could also encounter different messages that would (unconsciously) help you realize the reality. Isn’t it funny seeing your facebook notification flood with different funny facebook statuses? If you would just read all of them, you will be amazed about how your friends become to open about their feelings compare to seeing them in person. Facebook status mirrors the real feeling of a person so read some of them and is amazed.