Effect of Social media

Entertainment,Business,Business News With the emergence of online platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, it is evident that social media is thriving. With the growing social media, comes more power to those who are able to successfully utilize these platforms. Social media allows someone to communicate with other people online about almost anything. Users can post anything from their political opinions to recipes. By posting about their passions, they are able to reach an audience and subsequently influence that audience based on what they post. Companies have identified this opportunity to influence and are taking advantage of it. Brands now often have their own social media pages, often times with public relations specialists in charge of them. In the fashion industry, social media is an exceptionally useful marketing tool. These platforms allow companies to reach their target audience in a cost-effective manner.

Also, designers can market their clothing lines and products in an effort to influence consumers to buy from their brand. In addition, the rise of bloggers play a big role in the industry. Bloggers can be anyone from an everyday person to a popular social media personnel. Both are essential in shaping how social media has changed the outreach to consumers. Fashion bloggers often publish their feedback on products in the form of videos, pictures, and tweets. This does two main things. First, it allows prospective buyers additional information and opinions on the product that will be used when deciding whether to make the purchase or not. Second, it creates more accessibility and a better connection between brands and the general public. Social media, when used correctly, has the power to influence consumers and strengthen the fashion industry. source: daily tribune More blogs at www.bacciinc.com