Vendors & Social Media

Working as a sales manager at Advanta Leasing, I got a call from an irate first time vendor. He was livid because his customer received the initial lease invoice with three large fees. Nobody communicated that fees would be included and the lessee wanted to cancel the deal. The lessee ended up paying cash and the vendor never used us again. The vendor was mad enough to put his complaint in writing and that was the end of the matter.Oh how things have changed! If that were to happen today the vendor could reach in his pants and tell hundreds people what happened. Instead of just our company reading his complaint, now his 130 friends on Facebook and 300 followers on Twitter (these are the average numbers according to The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk) are immediately aware of the problem.Change is not coming, it’s here. Next time you’re in a mall, or an airport look around, at least half of the people you see are walking around with their heads down and their fingers taping on their phones. Smart phones have changed they way we do business. The customer has a voice and he’s talking with his friends, family and other business owners in on-line discussion groups.With the advent of social media every customer is a potential reporter, and leasing companies need to stay current. Most businesses I speak with are afraid of social media. They think that it’s just for consumers not for business to business transactions.

They say things like:??? “Social media? Twitter isn’t appropriate for our market.”
??? “Facebook is for kids, not businesses”
??? “We don’t have time to maintain a blog.”
??? “We use it, several of our people are on LinkedIn.”Whether you like it or not, social media is becoming a key way to connect with customers. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have shown that they have staying power. Think it’s not for business to business transactions? Avaya sold a $250,000 phone system using social media. (Read about Avaya’s success with social media here: (Casey Hibbard’s article, “It Pays to Listen.”) Getting involved in social media is necessary, makes sense and allows you to truly connect with customers.Many leasing companies come off as non-caring corporate entities. Their web sites are so nondescript and boring that the customer has no idea what they company is really like. If you have a Facebook page you can show the human side of your company. You address in a public forum the questions and concerns your customers have about your products and services-which are being asked anyway without your participation. You participate in the conversations taking place that relate to equipment leasing, and you build a customer community.If you want to proceed slowly you can just observe industry discussions with social media monitoring tools.

The web site Social Mention is like Google Alerts for social media. Once you’re ready to dip your toes in the water, recruit employees who are involved and excited about social media to come up with a policy that can guide employee usage. Every employee can then become a marketer for your company.You don’t have to start from scratch. There are dozens of social media policies from major companies available online. Then start engaging with current vendors. Sharing information shouldn’t be viewed as broadcasting to the market but rather as seeking to start conversations. The point is to draw in interested vendors, key influencers, and sales prospects by engaging them in discussions and building business relationships.Also, remember to ask questions. Make it a habit to end your status updates, blog posts or other content with a question asking followers what they think. Vendors enjoy talking about themselves and their experiences; let them do it on your page, and learn from what they tell you.Engaging with your vendors on the social media sites creates loyalty, increases orders, and humanizes your company. It’s really simple. If your customers use social media, you need to be there, too. Just think of it as part of your marketing mix and who knows, you might get a 250K deal like Ayaya.

How A Social Media Consulting Service Can Help Your Business Grow

Perhaps you have already heard the buzz about social media marketing. Probably you already have a Facebook profile or tweeting every now and then. However, marketing via social networking sites is a lot more than just finding out what your other friends are doing these days. If you want to include it into your marketing campaign then you need to hire a social media consulting service right away. If you are not sure about the benefits of utilizing social networking sites to promote your business, and getting skeptical about the results, then the following points can clarify your doubts.Social media marketing strategies will help you extent your brand and reach billions of potential clients. Moreover, it will also help your customers know about your company and about the services and products you are offering. To make it simple, it will help you connect, create, and satisfy your customers.Having a business profile on social media networking sites will help your clients contact you conveniently, share their concerns, and complains (if they have any) about your brands and services.

On the other hand, it will help you respond your client’s queries and cater them based on their requirements.When you get the chance to connect with billions of people and talk to them directly, you will automatically build a solid customer base and will create long lasting relationships with your clients. Not just that, creating a solid relationship will also make your customers trust your brands and services.Using social media networking sites to promote your brands and services can be more beneficial if you are in search of a useful marketing method. Keep posting updates about interesting things, this will catch the attention of your customers.

However, do not forget to maintain a limit. Too much of anything can be dangerous for you and your company.Make your customers feel special by contacting them individually. Post special offers and provide great discounts. Let them know that your brand is not just trying to provide them quality products but focusing on helping them to save their money as well.Using social networking sites is free but if you want to do it the right way then you need to seek the help of top social media marketing companies that have been working for a long time with proven track records. Choosing a social media consulting service should be done carefully otherwise you may end up losing money.

Social News Advertising And Marketing – How To Get A Precious Contributor

Whatever your solution, you can be certain that as being a modest business enterprise manager in search of ways to supercharge your Website marketing work, you have arrived in the appropriate location!On this write-up, you can find cost-powerful social news promoting strategies utilized by a SEO London organization specializing in establishing customized SMO (social media optimisation) campaigns for clients ranging from SME to blue-chip businesses, besides other useful SMO tactics that I’ve picked up in the training of my WEBSITE POSITIONING subject material creating vocation spanning 10 years.Even so, in order to harness the ability of preferred social news methods, it really is crucial to first fully grasp the nature and scope of Social news Promoting, due to the fact this will assist you to determine the interpersonal networking platforms that happen to be most applicable to your enterprise.

Basically place, social media advertising includes working with preferred networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker, LinkedIn and so on. for raising a web page’s appeal for potential customers and extending its reach with a wider target audience. Having said that, what many SMO companies don’t notify consumers is the fact that social media rewards some business models in excess of people. This really is why it can be crucial to initially create which social media advertising approach very best suits your enterprise.As a result, so as to leverage powerful SMO strategies to your web business enterprise, internet business homeowners are advised to plainly outline SMO targets and understand about free and paid out methods for determining internet site recognition metrics, given that these very important statistics enable you to measure your world-wide-web business enterprise accomplishment in actual-time.Social news Promoting Recommendations – three or more easy and price-effective SMO tips to advantage any world-wide-web enterprise1. Facebook Advertising – That is by far the most price tag-successful social-media advertising and marketing instrument accessible to website business enterprise entrepreneurs. With its outreach of 300 million customers, FB enables tiny organizations to construct a friendly presence for themselves on a effective platform that connects them to a huge prospective buyer foundation throughout the world. Indicator up for any Company Fan Page accounts with FB using your organization’s username to register your organization. Go through all of the unique guidelines for Fan Pages, research your level of competition and analyse the Facebook presence of your respective closest rivals (sort of pages, amount of lovers, how many ‘likes’ and graphics have already been used to construct their acceptance and so on.). Then merely imitate their technique for good results by customizing it for the focus on buyers!a couple of. Grow Twitter Followers – This great marketing platform has grown inside the past one particular season to surpass the recognition of Orkut and Flicker, two social media web-sites that enjoyed immense popularity till the cute, snappy and shorter communication update technique overtook their new member foundation. Signing up with Twitter is free.

So reserve a organization accounts and secure your company’s term. Conduct a elementary investigation for familiarizing your self with scorching key terms and phrases used by your leading competitors so you can get a lot more followers on Twitter and use these to produce a custom SMO strategy for your corporation!three. Check out Other Blogs – Quite a few web site proprietors religiously update their organization website with key phrase rich content material, retain that essential reader connect by responding to blog site comments, inquiries and suggestions without fail as well as measure web site metrics often so as to monitor their substantial rank about the major serps. However, numerous do not utilise the full scope of ‘blogosphere’ open to them by way of taking part in discussion on blogs belonging to other individuals. Visiting other blogs and commenting, praising, sharing marketplace inputs or your personal expertise that may well add significance towards the publish can be a no-expense, efficient and swift method to create the credibility of your corporation with out obtaining to make investments full-time in creating, posting and responding to new website subject material. So, allow it to be a component of your respective SMO campaign and strengthen your web blog’s rankings, beginning currently!

Facebook – Using It to Its Full Potential

You need to educate yourself on how to get the most benefit out of Facebook if you are thinking about using it. Too often people will spend much of their time focusing on achieving the goal they have in mind, and they miss seeing the kind of tools available to them and what their readers really need. After learning about these things, you will see much better results from your Facebook pages.Be Active Outside Your Own PageAlthough this may seem like an obvious point, you would be amazed just how easy it is to find things that keep you busy on only your own page. You need to make sure that you are posting on othere pages, talking to other people and sharing your expertise so that you get noticed by new people on a regular basis.You Need to Keep Your Page InterestingBy updating news, photos and design features of your pages, it will keep readers interested and engaged so they will keep coming back to see what is new.

You need to make sure to keep your site fresh and current on a regular basis.Make sure that you don’t make too many of the same changes in a row. Status updates and news about your business is great, but adding photos of business members, tags related to your customers, a bit of humor or other things like this will showcase more of your personality.It’s Ok to Get a Little PersonalHaving some of the “face” behind your business come through on your pages can be a good thing. However, you need to achieve a balance between letting your readers see the real you and giving too much information. In truth, your customers and readers care more about what you can do for them. But, when they can see some glimpses of the person behind the business, it will give them more reason the trust you.Get Familiar with The Facebook ToolsFacebook pages come with many built-in tools and resources, but many business owners never bother to learn how to implement and use them. Of course not all of these resources will apply to your pages, or you won’t like using any of them, but it is a plus to know what you have available in the event there is something that you could use in the future.

Facebook is highly useful, and isn’t terribly complicated, so take a little while to learn about all the features.Set-Up and Use Your PageThe initial setting up of a Facebook page will be the most “difficult” part, but there are plenty of resources and programs that can help you set up a nice page and how to use it for its full potentail. To get a large following quickly, set up a fan page that is similar to ones that have proven to be successful. Of course you don’t want to look like you copied someone else’s page, but there are things that you can duplicate that will help your page be successful.So get on Facebook and start seeing what it can do for you and your business!

Posting The Best Content For Internet Marketing

Content marketing is not a new concept. It has been around for a while and has recently entered the world of internet marketing. Content marketing is no longer limited to the page. It now reaches from articles and photos to blogs and videos. For businesses that give content marketing the attention it deserves, there are a number of benefits that are easy to attain if one simply follows a few simple rules.When it comes to internet marketing there is no limit to the benefits of effective content. Content will separate the good businesses from the bad. It keeps customers coming back and creates a dialogue with and about any organization that is able to successfully utilize it. The only way to achieve the gifts of content marketing is to take it seriously, to have a plan, and to open up to the possibilities of having an honest dialogue with consumers.Content, in any internet marketing strategy, should never be something a business feels like it has to do, but rather something it wants to do. Content that comes from a place of obligation is not nearly as dynamic as that which comes from a place of genuine love of product and service. When a company believes in what it does and to whom it is selling, communication becomes honest, easy, and even fun. Break down the wall between corporation and community. Those that create content for the website should have a love of just that: creating content. If the content is posted with excitement, it will be received with excitement.

The content that a business chooses to post should be viewed as a gift given to the consumers. It should be a thank you to the loyal customers that visit a site again and again. It is important that they feel appreciated and that the content they receive should make them laugh, inform them, or inspire them. Any good internet marketing strategy should be geared towards reminding the consumer that he or she is working with a company that cares and is generally interested in making its customers happy.Before creating any content, a company must know its business goals. Any business that has not taken the time to put in writing its goals for marketing will find any venture difficult. Once goals are established, they will inspire any company towards exactly the kind of content it will need to achieve said goals. As stated before, any content that does not serve a purpose should be avoided. Thus, any business that has a purpose, states that purpose, and takes customers with them as they attempt to achieve those goals will be participating in the wonder of the world of social media.There is no way to communicate to an audience that is not familiar. The world is full of unique people with different communication needs and wants, and this is very important in regards to any internet marketing strategy.

Any goal setting strategy should include choosing a group of consumers that a business would like to attract. Then, that group should be considered whenever any content is created.Finally, rather than remaining in the dark ages and hidden behind a great wall of money and power, internet marketing has made it possible for businesses to break down the wall and communicate with customers in a new and effective way. Thus, any content should be created and posted with the intent of reaching out and connecting with consumers on a personal level. Content should never seem robotic and impersonal. Remember, content is a gift.There it is: uncomplicated yet imperative general rules on content marketing. In the world ofinternet marketing, content is its ruler and has the power to make or break a company. Therefore, any business should take the opportunity it offers to reach goals, to provide information, to inspire others, and to form connections.

8 Easy Methods to Connect With Your Followers on Twitter And Grow Your Brand Popularity!

If you’re a firm trying to use Twitter for marketing and publicity, just having an account and updating every so often is not sufficient. To have great results on Twitter, you’ll need to be proactive and you need to have a plan. The secret to becoming a success on Twitter is engagement. Keeping your enthusiasts amused and connected with your organization is your most important job. Although Twitter may be used as a sales channel, it is an exceptionally nuanced and delicate one. Try to sell directly to your followers and you will lose them very quickly indeed. If you develop genuine relationships with your enthusiasts, it is likely that you will see your business grow. Whether you are helping people with creating a website or you provide recipes for the tastiest pies ever tasted, using Twitter can really help you build your brand. Here are 8 easy ways to engage your supporters on Twitter and raise your brand popularity.Initiate the day by using a question and ensure you greet your enthusiasts nicely. Getting out of bed in the morning can be difficult. Add in a hectic daily commute and a full inbox and you’re likely to find yourself with an understandably frazzled worker. A pleasant good day or good morning on Twitter can make a substantial difference to the days of your followers. Socialize with your enthusiasts in the morning by asking a question. No one feels like performing work first thing in the am so it’s a superb time to have a little chat. Ask questions which are very easy to answer and do not be worried to divide opinions through your questions.

Definitely react to people who respond to your tweets and you should also show your thankfulness for their replies with a retweet. It is a fantastic way to indicate some thankfulness for the reply as well as being a nice way to shine the spotlight on your supporters. Have you ever mailed a message to a mate or a Facebook message to a comrade and never got a reply? It is not a pleasant feeling is it? Show your followers that you’re listening by thoughtfully responding to their tweets. You ought to aim to keep the chat going.Read your feed and retweet appealing tweets. This is a fantastic chance to demonstrate that you are listening to what your supporters need to say and establish a clear two-way relationship. Your enthusiasts will get pleasure from you sharing what they’ve got to say as it multiplies their audience and shows that you are not just a brand, you’re human. It is likely that they’ll also do the same for you personally in the future. Your followers need to see that you are talking with them rather than just at them.

Spend some time every single day communicating with your supporters. It is very important to build some rapport with your supporters and create a personal connection. Review your feed and make some dialogue. Never approach Twitter as purely business. It is an opportunity to add a voice and personality to your business. It is also a chance to educate your followers about your business and all the wonderful things which it offers. The more that you communicate with your enthusiasts, the greater the association your enthusiasts will have when they hear your business mentioned.
Thank you isn’t a complete reaction whenever people retweet you. Make use of your 140 character limitation and create a considerate reaction. Make an observation or ask a question. Take a peek through the timeline of the person who retweeted your tweet and discover what they are about. You can make dialogue after conducting a little research on what they typically tweet about and what their interests are. The more that you practice, the better you will get at it. Never underrate the power of online small talk.Show your followers some love. If a follower does something that you respect, tweet about it. If there is a follower that you find interesting or unusual, tweet about it. Point out the positive qualities in your followers. A little flattery goes far. Do not be afraid to show your followers how highly you think of them. It’s important to be true and sincere with your compliments. Your supporters will really appreciate you identifying their positive qualities.

People like to feel appreciated for what they are great at.Create a search in Twitter for keywords which are relevant to both your enterprise and your industry. The search results will display all the tweets in which your keywords are mentioned. Respond to the tweets which you may add some value to. If somebody has a problem in your sector, make an effort to help them out. Recommend your business and services when appropriate but don’t just go spamming people on Twitter. Whether folks are saying good or bad things about you or your business, be aware of it and see what you can do.Even though you’re going to sleep, your presence on Twitter doesn’t have to. Schedule tweets using services such as HootSuite for instances when you’re not going to be by your computer like during a holiday or on the weekends. Due to the fact that you won’t be by your computer, it’s best that your scheduled tweets are content rich tweets. You don’t want to ask questions that you are not capable of respond to. Consider sharing interesting quotes, pictures, movies or articles with your supporters.

The Ultimate Facebook Training

Did you know that there is a way that you can recruit without spending a dime. Have you ever tried to use facebook to recruit others into your business? This will take some time, so you must be patient. But over time you can build yourself a great business using these tactics.The first thing you will want to do is to set up an account for yourself. You will then want to fill out your profile. You want to make this as exciting as possible. Add some pictures of yourself and your team if possible. How about pictures of leaders in your business? Anything that will project you as the leader that you are. Did you win any awards? Make sure you have this posted here.

Everyday now you are going to post quotes or something of value on your page.So how do you get friends?Spend some time connecting with the people you already know. Your warm market is your fastest and easiest way to prospect. So reach out to those people who you know on a fist name basis.Go and start searching for groups with prospects that you are looking for. You could also find some Top earners, put in their names and go to their page. Now go through and look at the comments under the status, this is a great way to build relationships. You are looking for people who are looking for help, looking for you!Once you find someone, go and look at their profile if you think they are a good fit, click the add friend. Make sure you add a personal message within the add to personalize things. Let them know that you Love to network and ask them to Please accept your friend request.

Only connect with connect with 5-10 people a day, pace yourself, otherwise face book will consider you a spammer and flag your account. Be consistent-Take daily action and follow-up with your messages. Don’t take NO’S to seriously, just move on to the next chances are people will want to connect.Start asking questions and build a rapport with them. Ask them if they are open to looking at what you do? If so send them your information, if not no big deal. You want to become the Leader that will solve their problems. Only pitch your business after you get them to know, like and trust you. This is a long-term relationship, so build that relationship with them. They will eventually ask for your help.When someone asks for help send them to an article that you wrote or a blog about your company. Tell them to make sure that this is what they really want to do. Tell them your story, everyone love stories. When you feel like you have made that connection with someone and are ready for the next step. Give them your phone number and tell them to give you a call if they have any questions, Also ask for theirs.There are no shortcuts to becoming a good recruiter on facebook it takes hard work and dedication. But the end results will be worth it. You just need to take daily action. Always be honest with your prospects. Keep It Real!

Top 10 Very Funny Facebook Statuses to Complete Your Day!

One of the most stress reliever in today’s generation is through the use of networking sites. Well not to mention the “exploring” of your friends facebook status pages where you haven’t meet for several years now. But as what other cases brings to the most of us, facebook also caused our day bad luck and disappointment by reading unhealthy facebook statuses. Facebook status will really depends on what the user would write/post on it. We have all the freedom to write what we would like to share with people in the said networking site. For me, as one of the facebook user choose the words and the genre of facebook statuses before hitting the post button. As I go into the pages of my friends and other facebook user, I really amazed with what their status pages are. This really makes funny facebook statuses interesting to talk to. And I want to share this different facebook status I have encountered on my friends pages.Funny facebook statuses is somewhat a healthy food for our eyes if they are made to, some could really made us laugh and would complete our day.

Here are the top funny facebook statuses my friends commonly posted on their facebook status. ” I can’t sleep…(+ the emoticons)” many facebook users posts this kind of stuff ranging from 12:00 am – 5:00 am in the morning saying they can’t sleep yet keep on making comments every time people would hit like buttons or leave comments. Some posted (copy and paste) inspirational quotes. The quote might not be intended for you but still seems you are the one being directed to it by relating on the message and ending up in liking it or worst sharing it in your own Timeline of your friend’s timeline. One also wrote about their new year’s resolution like “I would use facebook at least an hour a day and save my internal organs” yet not a clock watcher and would hit hundreds of liker and shares. Some would post about how happy they are about their lives after a broken relationships showing amazing funny facebook statuses (yet deep inside still crying and curse their X’s).

Reading funny facebook status is kind of relaxing in a sense that you could hear many voices with true feelings. You could also discover hidden personalities which could only exposed when they are on facebook.Funny facebook statuses are of great help whenever you are feeling down. Some could help you realized how blessed you are by reading status updates from your friends saying about their past experiences. You could also encounter different messages that would (unconsciously) help you realize the reality. Isn’t it funny seeing your facebook notification flood with different funny facebook statuses? If you would just read all of them, you will be amazed about how your friends become to open about their feelings compare to seeing them in person. Facebook status mirrors the real feeling of a person so read some of them and is amazed.

Twitter – Facebook And Googleplus The TRISNS Like TRI City

Now a day , everyone want to extend their views ,ideas Globally & through out ht universe. The business want to sell his product globally, celebrities want to show his/her images in all over the world. How this is possible. Its will happen through internet, which part of internet is using for this purpose. How this is possible, how you show own criteria all the universe, its will done or just a myth. No its not a myth we can do this But we have particular knowledge of Social networking Sites . Now What is SNS , why we use this SNS, How this internet field help us to show every body features globally.

Mainly the SNS is just a site which distribute your action globally. It fulfill our needs of globally networking , like as I say earlier business ,celebrities & many professionals. When You ask or go to a seo person or webmaster & ask what is SNS , How I use it. They will reply go to Google search tab & write social networking sites. After doing this you will get the a long list of SNS sites: You get a long list, you get confused which is perfect for your aspects. which covers all you ideas & share these globally. You want a site which gives a perfect & smooth results. Without the way you lost in a cave with no direction of path. So , what you do for this. For clearing this query in simple way I explore my idea of selection a city or Tricity for growth of carrier. After study the first thing about making the best carrier is best city, how we select that, this first step is the beam of life. For the selection of carrier zone city firstly we think which sector is growth in which city according to that we select city.

Secondly, the salary issues & many more issues will come across. Office environment is also the factor while selection. Obviously, we select the city which is on the peak on any fields . Like you want to build you carrier in IT field in India . Every one suggest select one from these Tricity Bangalore , Hyderabad & third one Chandigarh, also these cities are called IT hubs. There fore why I am come across these points what I mean to say here these things. Think you are a freelancer web designer & want to publish your design on any SNM . Suppose you publish this on Facebook , you get no response better place is twitter for this purpose in same mode if you are celebrity & go for twitter for publishing your images nothing you get some responses , here the Facebook is better .So without proper knowledge of SNM sites your work is just like a super fast wind no one like it . Like for carrier growth in IT sector Chandigarh, Hyderabad & Bangalore are the best one same for best social networking Google+,twitter & facebook. Absolutely you can get an proper idea after reading this article .

Communication Is Communication Both On And Offline

If you have recently discovered social media and feel confused, this is perfectly normal. The mass that is you and your social media presence is miniscule compared to the vast realm of space. The amount of time you exist on this planet, (and the amount of time the planet exists) is so incredibly small compared with the timeline of the rest of the universe, that doing anything may seem futile. However, it is at this point of the story that I like to fall back on an idea, which I hope will illuminate your personal path to social media enlightenment, as well as enlightenment in general.The idea is this: The meaning of life is for life to have meaning.Now ask yourself, “Why am I here?” You will find that you are not alone. Some ask this question while waiting in line at the grocery store, others ask it while watching the horizon as a storm approaches, and still others, late at night, while staring at a glowing computer screen. To this, I offer the idea that life is a series of events in which you find yourself, and in which you find others. The flip side also exists; a series of events in which you let go of yourself and in which you let go of others.I suggest, and I am not the first to do so, that we can do two profound things with our lives-listen and communicate. It is okay to listen, to be still, and listen. It is okay to create, and it can be wonderful to have relationships.

Technology changes, but the human desire to listen and communicate remains. So, if you have come this far, then you are ready to venture into the rabbit hole that is social media because communication is communication, whether it happens through a social media platform, or through face-to-face interaction between individuals.Kristen Nicole was a budding writer who would have had a rather sheltered childhood were it not for the online social networks she communicated through. AOL chat rooms, BlackPlanet, Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter kept her in contact with her friends. Even when Kristen studied Biopsychology at the University of Michigan, she remained active in these networks because they enabled her to keep in contact with her friends in the undergraduate program. Kristen used social media to stay connected much in the same way people used to do with letters, phone calls, face-to-face visits, and even emails. While you may know Kristen today from Mashable. com, where she was their first employee and head writer, and also as the author of ‘The Twitter Survival Guide,’ there was a time when Kristen was new to social networks and social media. “Be genuine in building your networks,” Kristen advises. “Otherwise customers will be turned off. Join the conversation-don’t dominate it or impose yourself into it.” The level of honesty that Kristen suggests is essential to effective online communication. “Use real names, real people from your business and engage others for personal as well as professional reasons.”Social media platforms are like a galaxy; every day we learn a little more about it, and every day it moves a little further away.

Social media is, at its core, social. Online communication comes with rules, lessons, and messages just like face-to-face communication does. The key to effective online communication is to understand the signals you send and receive. Apply what you know about face-to-face communication to your online practices. You are, after all, representing yourself and your business, so communicate through social media to your customers with the same mindset you have when you see them in person. Virtual customers appreciate genuine online communication as much as they do a sincere handshake and smile.?? 2012 Jennifer L. Jacobson