Twitter – Facebook And Googleplus The TRISNS Like TRI City

Now a day , everyone want to extend their views ,ideas Globally & through out ht universe. The business want to sell his product globally, celebrities want to show his/her images in all over the world. How this is possible. Its will happen through internet, which part of internet is using for this purpose. How this is possible, how you show own criteria all the universe, its will done or just a myth. No its not a myth we can do this But we have particular knowledge of Social networking Sites . Now What is SNS , why we use this SNS, How this internet field help us to show every body features globally.

Mainly the SNS is just a site which distribute your action globally. It fulfill our needs of globally networking , like as I say earlier business ,celebrities & many professionals. When You ask or go to a seo person or webmaster & ask what is SNS , How I use it. They will reply go to Google search tab & write social networking sites. After doing this you will get the a long list of SNS sites: You get a long list, you get confused which is perfect for your aspects. which covers all you ideas & share these globally. You want a site which gives a perfect & smooth results. Without the way you lost in a cave with no direction of path. So , what you do for this. For clearing this query in simple way I explore my idea of selection a city or Tricity for growth of carrier. After study the first thing about making the best carrier is best city, how we select that, this first step is the beam of life. For the selection of carrier zone city firstly we think which sector is growth in which city according to that we select city.

Secondly, the salary issues & many more issues will come across. Office environment is also the factor while selection. Obviously, we select the city which is on the peak on any fields . Like you want to build you carrier in IT field in India . Every one suggest select one from these Tricity Bangalore , Hyderabad & third one Chandigarh, also these cities are called IT hubs. There fore why I am come across these points what I mean to say here these things. Think you are a freelancer web designer & want to publish your design on any SNM . Suppose you publish this on Facebook , you get no response better place is twitter for this purpose in same mode if you are celebrity & go for twitter for publishing your images nothing you get some responses , here the Facebook is better .So without proper knowledge of SNM sites your work is just like a super fast wind no one like it . Like for carrier growth in IT sector Chandigarh, Hyderabad & Bangalore are the best one same for best social networking Google+,twitter & facebook. Absolutely you can get an proper idea after reading this article .

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